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What Is Dental Practice Absence Insurance?

Dental Practice Absence Insurance or Practice Expenses provides cover for Principals, Associates, Managing Partners, Salaried Dentists, Practice Managers and other members of staff in the event of an accident, illness or absence. There are various levels of benefit, deferred periods and cover you can select when deciding upon the Absence Insurance cover you need, not just as a practice but also on an individual level.

This unique Dental Practice Absence Insurance has been designed by DIA specifically to provide the benefit you choose in the event of accident, sickness or any of the other insured events. We only need evidence of absence, not what you spend the money on, as this is up to you.

You choose what benefit you need for your Absence Insurance (you can have different benefits for different people), the deferred period (this is the period before the payment of benefit) and whether you have any special requirements.

How Can You Benefit From Dental Practice Absence Insurance?

  • A No Claims Bonus if you do not claim on your Absence Insurance.
  • A Group Practice Discount when arranging a Absence Insurance Group Policy where 3 or more people are insured.
  • You will receive Free cover for Practice Managers or Senior Administrators of £300 per week when arranging your Group Absence Insurance.
  • Premiums are not based upon gender.
  • You can apply for Absence Insurance with a minumum of paper work and hassle.
  • If you arrange your Surgery Insurance or Dental Indemnity / Malpractice you get our Valued Client Discount.
  • A seamless transfer when changing to the DIA Absence Insurance from another provider.
  • Arrange your Long Term Income Protection or Life Insurance through DIA and you will benefit from our "commission sacrifice".

Why  DIA?

From the time that you request your quotation from DIA you will be dealing with a leading dental sector insurance broker that understands your requirements.  We specialise in the key areas of insurance related to your profession to cater for all your needs.

What Our Dental Practice Absence Insurance Covers:

  • Sickness / Accident / Absence
  • 24 hour Worldwide
  • Stress, Anxiety & Depression
  • Guaranteed Terms (Health Protector Promise)
  • Jury Service - all employees
  • Personal Possessions
  • HIV Needlestick Injuries
  • Suspension
  • Maternity / Adoption / Paternity
  • Family Emergency
  • Sports & Winter Sports Cover
  • Coma Benefit
  • Accidental death benefit
  • Bereavement & Compassionate leave
  • Pregnancy Related Illness
  • Retraining after permanent disablement
  • Medical Expenses
  • Nursing home / Ambulance charges
  • Phased Return To Work
  • Early Intervention Cover

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